Picnic spot: Angel Canal


If you ask me what's my favourite spot in London it would be this one! 

Boats are parked throughout the length of the canal, in some places two rows. Here you get the sense of community, a lot of boats are not parked permanently, and to to avoid paying the parking fee, the boat needs to change its location every now and then. 

Due to this factor you get to see the constant movement of boats along the canal - they are  navigating up and down the canal every day of the week. Imagine, to live in London and your home is in different area every weekend or so. You move the whole house so everything stays the same way in it, the only thing changes is the area and neighbourhood. 

People who live on boats are generally speaking very friendly they smile to you and wave at you when navigating through the canal. I noticed the majority of people who chooses to make their home on water are people of creative professions and minds, amongst all generations.

I like to walk along the canal or to have a lunch, and to observe the  boats and its owners, the intricate decoration details- plants, piano looking bench. one boats are so creative! However, not every boat is used as home, some  a theatre stage with kids making performances, the bookshops and cafes- there is not one day with the same scenery and that's what I love about the most!