The London Coffee Festival


I am a big coffee drinker. Every day two to three cups of coffee, and yes, I know it's a lot!So when something like Coffee Festival is happening in London- I am naturally get very interested. Especially, considering the fact, that I wanted to visit this festival for several years in a row now. And every year I managed to miss it. But not this time!

You've got to book tickets online in advance- the cheapest ticket is £15 per person, which gives you access for the three hours (other option is the VIP ticket). Many coffee brands and other related business participate to showcase their products and crafts. A three day event had an extensive programme with master classes, debates, and tasting sessions.

The event is very popular- the tickets were sold out before the weekend, and if you've booked a lunch session on Sunday- you'd have to join a very, very long queue- luckily for many, the weather that weekend was nice and sunny!

I went to the brunch session (from 10am-1pm) on Sunday hoping to avoid the queues and crowds, but it was packed with people! That meant I had to be selective in what I get to see within the limited time. And this feeling that I have to 'fit everything in 3 hours' really upset me. The event is designed in such way, that if you really want to know more about coffee, and the craft of brewing coffee- you've got to get a VIP ticket (£35-which gives you access for the entire day). But, honestly, how much coffee one can taste in one day, or even in 3 hours, especially knowing that around 200 brands were participating?!- I bet not much.

If you liked the product you got to test/try you can purchase it on the spot, for a special reduced price (real nonsense, consider how much money you've already spent on the ticket alone, no?!). And bear in mind, you've got to have cash on you, because not every stand accepts card payments. I'm not trying to discourage anyone from visiting the festival in the future, I just want to lay down some realistic expectations.

Overall, it's got the cool vibe and atmosphere! It is a great opportunity to learn something new and it could be a good idea for a "day out" or the date. Especially if it rains that day, ha!

Here I am trying to pour milk using the technique in order to make an ornament

The result-it's meant to be ♡

The machine was created as an attention grabbing bar top display piece. It is made of original period metal parts, standing 1 metre high and wide and allows good access for the barista to make and serve cold drip coffee with removable glass parts for cleaning.

 This method makes half a litre of coffee in 5 hours!