Wood Burning Stove Installation - 5 Steps Guide


If your property has got a chimney, then in 5 simple steps you can get it done:

1.     Remove old fireplace

2.     Prepare the opening

3.     Install the chimney liner

4.     Install the chimney hearth

5.     Fitting the stove

You can do it DIY or hire professionals. Whatever is your circumstance we highly recommend to read this resource - it covers all the aspects about wood burning stove installation in a great detail.

Here is step-by-step how we did the wood burning installation:

  1. The old gas fireplace
  2. The opening that was used for the gas fireplace wasn't big enough
  3. Increased the opening and installed the liner
  4. Painted the brick in black and installed the hearth
  5. The new wood burning stove installed.

There is still plenty of work lies ahead of us, but at least we now have one pretty spot to look at. It just feels so much better to be at home and be able to sit next to a fireplace with a warm cup of tea. Although we have a lot of crap lying around, the wood stove still makes the space feels cozy, despite the mess.

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