The Photo Diary // August 2016


To me, August associates with the word JOY!

JOY, because this month one of my dreams came true- I did my first air balloon flight at Bristol Air Balloon Festival, which only happens once a year.

JOY, because it's my birthday month, and from the 1st August I'm in the anticipation of the day, and then- I get spoilt with lots of laughter, joy, gifts and kind words. 

JOY,because I continued working on the series of bridal portraits inspired by Ancient Mythology

JOY, because...deers!!!

JOY, because of simple pleasures like collecting flowers and seeds

JOY, because this month everyday I enjoyed the Golden hour 

JOY, because the sunsets and solo car parking were particularly good this month!

JOY, because I got to explore new places in UK