DIY Stationary organiser


If you are like me- a person with an unreasonable amount of all kinds and colours of pens, pencils, crayons, markers, highlighters- you name it! It was a good idea to organise this crazy clutter, which then became a little project in itself.  I used few glass jars and cans, painted then in different patterns, but kept the colour theme quite neutral- black and white, so all the coloured caps and coloured pencils could really 'show off' on my desk and please my artistic eye. Of course, it would be probably smarter to just get rid off all the unnecessary 50 black pens and others, but I naively think that one day I will make use of them all- aka, drawing,sketching etc, .and then days, months and even years pass by ... Don't stop believing, what else can I say! lol