Cres, Croatia- Unique Travel Destination


The stroll along the Opatija's sea promenade was the first thing we did that morning, and I must admit,  that's a beautiful way to start the day. The path took us to the port where a catamaran was waiting for us -we were off to the Island of Cres.

Although we didn't get to spend much time on the island of Cres, as it was a quick stop before we continued our journey to the Island of Losinj for the award ceremony. But now I'm dreaming of coming back to this little town with the charming and cozy streets and to immerse myself in the sun and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. And here is why:


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The history of an island starts before 2AD and here you can witness the remains of Roman Empire, Venetian Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, the influence of Italy, Yugoslavia and today it's part of Croatia since the country declared its independence in 1991. Read more on the history of Cres here.


I had an impression of Cres as a very charming, cozy small old town with many narrow, maze-like streets that keep you curious to find out what’s around the corner, you feel the romance while exploring the streets of Cres, I got some butterflies in my stomach when we were leaving the town and I made myself a promise I will come back to spend more time here. The harbor is full of different boats and yachts with the pastel terrace houses as a backdrop- this place is a true little gem of the Mediterranian.


There are several ways of getting to the island of Cres, here you can find all information and the details about different ways of getting to the island.

* * *

And then we were off to the island of Losinj (coming soon)