Trip to Cuba in 3 simple steps


Since we got back from our holiday in Cuba, we got asked a lot of questions like:

Where to start when planning a trip to Cuba, and how far in advance do you need to book a holiday? How much money do you need while there? Can you use credit/debit cards? What about the transport, how to get around? etc etc

I’m happy to share all the practical info, based on our experience. I think it’s best and most efficient way to plan the trip - is to approach the planning in two parts. The first part described below covers all LEGAL requirements you need to travel to Cuba. The second part - which I'll cover in a separate post will include all the FUN stuff that you need to plan in advance. But first things first:


1.How to get there? 

We were flying with the direct flight by Virgin Atlantic from London Gatwick Airport. The best place to compare price tickets for both direct and non-direct flights is here.

Also, at this point, you need to decide on the season you’d like to visit Cuba. A dry season is between November and April, hurricane/rain season is between May and November, with September and October having the highest number of hurricanes. I'd say 14 days is an optimal timeframe to explore Cuba.




If the intention of your travel is tourism, then you need to get a Tourist Visa (also called Tourist Card). All European Nationalities need a tourist visa-card. You can apply for it online here. It’s very easy and fast, all you need is flight dates and passport details. There is no need to send your passport, there is no need to go to the embassy, no need accommodation bookings. Just fill out the form and within a week or even less you’ll get your visas delivered to your front door.


3. Insurance

Make sure your travel insurance has got a Medical Cover. Here is the list of Health Insurances Credited in Cuba.

And last, but not least- make a photocopy of all your documents.


Once these 3 essential steps are done- CONGRATULATIONS- you, my friend, are going to Cuba! That's where the second part of your planning starts, which is - the fun stuff- accommodation and places to visit.