1335m high at Pian Russa, Italy



This time last year we were travelling in remote parts of Italy. We stayed for a week in Pont Canavese, it's a small village in the Northern Italy, surrounded by the mountains. Every day we were out hiking, exploring and wandering in the woods. I very much enjoy the company of nature- a place I feel present like nowhere else . I like to collect leaves and flowers, take a deep breath of sweet and crisp fresh air. That day we decided to explore the mountain which we were able to see from the window of our rented bungalow. It was on the opposite side,accros the small river, or the opposite side of town. 

We had to plan this journey carefully, because we didn't have any vehicles and had to walk 10km to get to the bottom of the mountain and only then get 1335 meters up, and then down and back to our bungalow. Not having a car meant we had to take very little with us- a bottle of water, a jumper and a raincoat, in case of the rain, and cameras, of course. Before the trip we had a long and nutritious breakfast, as we were not intending on taking any food with us due to extra weight (the camera and lenses weight is under no consideration or negotiation!never!).

It was Autumn, and on our way we saw plenty of apple trees- that was our snack during the journey. This place was so remote, that once we left the town, we literally haven't met any human being. It was weird and exciting at the same time. The sharp contrast to our everyday life in London in every single aspect. And that was exactly what we were after! The grotesque of nature, the fresh air, the sounds of nature-all of it is pure inspiration for me.