The Photo Diary // May 2016


Two bank holidays in May is a really good start getting into the holiday spirit. We've visited Scotland for the first time, stayed on a beautiful island literally isolated from the rest of the world. The 1st of May we were up 1,245m on the Cairngorm mountains. It was very, very, very windy, and I have no idea how people managed to ski and snowboard in those conditions. Overall experience in Scotland was truly amazing, and we were very lucky with the weather. Soon I'll make a separate post with lots of pictures about this trip.

Londoners were spoiled with a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures during this month. The month of final stages for blossoming trees, just before they start to dress up in greenery.

A trip to Latvia, Visiting family and friends always a good idea. Well spent quality time by the Baltic sea, and on the dacha.

During the trip in Latvia I did the another portrait session which will eventually become a series for a wedding inspiration. The first one was Flora,  the Goddess of Spring, but this time I was shooting the Goddess of Sea, by the moody Baltic sea in Jurmala. I'm really looking forward to see the final images.

London continued to spoil with good weather

The second bank holiday this month! Again we went up the North. This time we visited Whitby and walked along the shore with spectacular landscapes. Hired a boat at Lake District and had an amazing time, wine and laughter with best friends!