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The Photo Diary // August 2016

To me, August associates with the word JOY!

JOY, because this month one of my dreams came true- I did my first air balloon flight at Bristol Air balloon festival, which only happens once a year.

JOY, because it's my birthday month, and from the 1st August I'm in the anticipation of the day, and then- I get spoilt with lots of laughter, joy, gifts and kind words. 

JOY,because I continued working on the series of bridal portraits inspired by Ancient Mythology

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January 2016 in pictures

The first month of the new year has gone. This year I'm planning to fully dedicate myself to all kinds of crafts, to document it all and share here. I began this year with re-arranging and re-structuring my website, organizing my thoughts and ideas (and oh, I have so many of them!)- all of this is getting quite overwhelming at times, so I'm trying to break it down, take small steps and take it easy, so I can fully enjoy the journey!

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