Pele- A Goddess of Fire


Last year in March I was so inspired by the blossoming spring that I wanted to make a photoshoot dedicated to its divine beauty. Immediately I started to imagine Nymphs and goddess in flowering landscapes and that’s when an idea was born and the research has begun. Initially, I only pictured one-off photo shoot, but after revisiting the ancient mythology, my creative flow of ideas was unstoppable and I eventually did seven portrayals of Nymphs. 

So, Pele is a Hawaiian goddess of fire and is the sixth in the series. 
I think this was the most epic photo shoot of 2016. It was epic in every sense. This is what happens when you have a scheduled photo shoot and things go wrong. Firstly, it was physically difficult. We got to shoot on the coldest day in November that year, which was totally crazy. Secondly, my incredible model/hero was not feeling well on that day and seemed literally insane to even think about doing a photo shoot, and then things got more difficult... 
The exact location for the photo shoot was not set because we were shooting in Cambridge (which I've only been to a couple of times prior this project). The only place we've found the most appropriate for this project was a private land and we had to climb through the hole in the fence to reach the desired place. 
At this moment we had five issues to deal with– the light (the light in November in the UK is very challenging, to say the least, but we had to work with what we had), the weather (it was the coldest day ), the unwell model (who despite all of our arguments why we should postpone the shoot, insisted that we get it done). I've got to say that if my model doesn't feel comfortable for whatever reason, I always prefer to reschedule the photo shoot, if necessary. Firing the smoke bombs on the private land was another two of my concerns on that day that made me worried during the entire process. 

Sometimes hard conditions help to achieve to the most beautiful and powerful work. Needless to say, that I feel these photographs are the most captivating portraits out of all I shot that year.