Inspired by Goddesses of Ancient Mythology


One of the things I love to do the most- is to photograph people! This is my rather artistic approach on taking portraits. To me, it's important to create a photograph which tells a story. Each and every portrait was inspired by a Goddess in Ancient Mythology in different cultures.

🌸 Flora 🌸

Flora-in Roman mythology is a goddess of the spring and of flowers and blossoms in general, to whom prayers were offered for the prospering of the ripe fruits of field and tree. She was also regarded as a goddess of the flower of youth and its pleasures.

🐚 Amphitrite 🐚

In Ancient Greek Mythology Amphitrite was a sea-goddess. She was the female personification of the sea - the mother of fish, seals and dolphins.

🌾 Ceres 🌾

Ceres was the Roman Goddess of agriculture and grain. The word cereal is derived from her name. She is accredited with the discovery of spelt, an ancient strain of wheat and the knowledge of how to grow , fertilize and harvest cereal crops. We were shooting at the Seven Sister's Beachy Head on a sunny, beautiful day with a refreshing strong wind

✨ Nut ✨

The fourth in a series of portraits inspired by Ancient Mythology , Nut- in Ancient Egypt was originally the goddess of the night-time sky.

Nut is also the barrier separating the forces of chaos from the ordered cosmos in the world. She was pictured as a woman arched on her toes and fingertips over the earth; her body portrayed as a star-filled sky. Nut’s fingers and toes were believed to touch the four cardinal points or directions of north, south, east, and west.

Dryad A Tree Nymph 🌿


A fifth in a series of portraits inspired by Goddesses of Ancient Mythology- Dryad

Dryad, also called hamadryad, in Greek mythology, a nymph or nature spirit who lives in trees and takes the form of a beautiful young woman.

They are very shy and non-violent so they are never more than a few feet away from their individual tree. Unless they are surprised, dryads can disappear by stepping into a tree They were the spirits of the oaks and pines, poplar and ash, apple and laurel. 


She is a goddess of fire, lightning, volcanoes and violence in Hawaiian Mythology.  She is both a creator and destroyer. She throws molten fountains into the air and governs the great flows of lava. Described as "She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land" in ancient Hawaiian chants, the volcano goddess, Pele, was passionate, volatile, and capricious.


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