20 Things To Do This Autumn


I love Autumn for its colours, crisp air, apple pie and cosy big scarfs. As evenings gets longer, I love to cuddle up on a sofa with a warm blanket, and with a cup of tea. Simple pleasures like these make me really happy. The season of reading books (hard copy!)and the movie nights is my favourite. I made a to-do list for this autumn, and I can't wait to start ticking it off.

My simple pleasures list:

1.  A walk in the woods

2. Bake an apple cake

3. Plant flower seeds

4. Collect colourful leaves

5. A walk under the rain

6. Carve my own pumpkin

7. Send a postcard

8. Visit a gallery

9. Boating in a park

10. Listen to the rain drops

11. Visit a pumpkin patch

12. Paint

13. Read a book

14. Try spiced cider

15. Jump in a pile of leaves

16. Learn a new skill

17. Eat a slice of a carrot cake

18. Make homemade chai latte

19. Outdoor sketching

20. Walk along the canal with friends