We're on the lifelong adventure discovering Scotland & the world

Ksenia Zizina & Pavel Fedoseyev

Ksenia Zizina & Pavel Fedoseyev


Ksenia & Pavel, a husband and wife team- we're professional photographers based in Scotland with a pasion for all things creative. Our fascination with exploring different cultures, cities and its people started a decade ago, the day we arrived to the diverse city- London. Having lived and worked in London for ten years, being part of the multicultural community has driven our curiosity and desire to explore more. Photography is our tool to tell stories about our adventures and people we get to meet along the way. We love taking pictures of the unique travel destinations and share our experiences on the Blog. Less than a year ago we moved up North to Scotland and can't wait to discover the incredible landscapes, historical cities, distilleries and so much more 

Ksenia is an award winning blogger. Photography and videography has become second nature to her and is an essential part of her storytelling. She shares behind the scene stories of her photo projects, travel notes & videos on her Instagram page and the Blog.

Pavel is IT system administrator and an aerial photographer. He shares passion for the latest technology and writes the tech reviews about cameras and digital products in the Blog. Pavel's photography has been published in numerous local magazines.