Mid February. It's cold and sunny, London on days like this is exceptionally beautiful. Our usual stroll along the Thames on Southbank feels different when the sky is blue. We, like true Londoners know how to appreciate good weather and take most of it-  capture the amazing soft light with film camera and beautiful company. The cold wind was there to remind us the winter has not gone yet. The days like this feel special.

If you are into boarding and live in London then you'll probably be familiar with an issue of a lack of space for this type of activity. If you think of central London- then Southbank would be the first spot which will come to your mind for sure. This spot has become a landmark in its own right, many tourist gather to watch the performances of young people not just on all kinds of boards, but literally anythings that has got wheels. We did this photoshoot in two parts, this is the first one and it was shot on 35mm film. The second part of this photoshoot was taken on digital camera (which I will share next week). We were testing out new film rolls we had never used previously and we were pleased with the results.

Indian wedding


Before Christmas we were invited to photograph wedding. The most iconic moments were bride's dresses- she had two of them! One for the official ceremony and another for the celebration, both beautifully decorated with fine details- absolutely gorgeous! On this wedding we were invited as second photographers. It was the first time in this role for us, and as it turns out the role of the second photographer has not less (but probably even more) challenges for taking pictures. Our job was to concentrate not just on the bride and groom (this is the main photographer priority) but mainly on guests and surrounding details. The role of a second photographers is very responsible because you need to make sure to capture all details of the day, but at the same time to be invisible as much as possible for the main photographer's and videographer's shots. It requires professional ethics as several points of interests of the shooting could come across. The challenge was accepted and achieved to the best of our knowledge and skill.

Love story E+G

We did this photoshoot one week before the due day, on a sunny (surprise!) and at the same time freezing day in London. We didn't plan any details about this photoshoot, just took a stroll along the canal, enjoying the sun and took few snap shots.

A ten  minute photoshoot before entering the exhibition at Tate Modern in London


London Piccadilly is one of the most famous and visited places in London. It was a challenge for taking pictures in location such as this due to heavy traffic of cars and people. A lot of noise could be another obstacle to face when interacting with the model on far distance. We are very happy with the end result, and we hope you enjoy this picture too!